The Education Department oversees all matters relating to the education activities of the Council. Its main activities involve initiating, planning, implementing and coordinating all Council’s educational activities at basic and post basic levels. This Department is headed by a Director


  • Host Education Committee meetings of the Council.
  • Co-ordinates all educational and related activities of the Council which include indexing, development and review of various Nurse curricula and the continuing education for all categories of Nurses in the Federation.
  • Provides information to Council on all matters related to basic and post basic Nursing Programmes in Nigeria.
  • Monitors and evaluates, periodically, the existing educational requirements set by the Council for fresh Candidates for various Nursing Educational Programmes and ensures that these requirements are in conformity with the prevailing technological advancement and societal needs.
  • Monitors the standard of Nursing education and practice in the Country and ensures that such standards compare favourably with what obtains internationally.
  • Liaises with State Directors of Nursing Services and other heads of Nursing Institutions with the aim to design and execute programmes in Continuing Professional Development in line with the standards set by the Council.
  • Gives effect to Council's decisions about Nursing education, in line with the laws establishing the Council.
  • Evaluates experimental or pilot schemes designed for the education of Nurses.
  • Evaluates the students' knowledge in theoretical and practical exposure in relation to the Council's approved curricula for Nursing and Midwifery education.
  • Organises workshops, Seminars and trainings for all cadres of nurses and midwives from time to time in Nigeria.
  • Identifies relevant areas for research in Nursing and liaises with the Planning, Research and Statistics Department on issues for research work.
  • Provides guidelines on Council's policies in relation to evaluation of educational programmes, assessment of examinations and the teaching process.

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