The indexing division is one of the sensitive units of the Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria and all other activities of Council revolve around the unit. It is responsible for the indexing of Students for the various Basic and Post Basic Nursing Programmes throughout the Federation.

Indexing of students involves the recording of their personal data into the database and ensuring that the students’ qualification for admission into the programme is based on the approved entry requirements.

Presently Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria has nineteen (15) approved basic and post basic programmes in eigthy six (86) Nursing Schools, seventy eight (78) Midwifery Schools, forty-four (44) other Post-Basic Nursing Schools and twenty (20) Universities in the Federation.

These programmes are:

General Nursing. Midwifery (Basic, Post Basic and Community).
Psychiatric Nursing. Perioperative Nursing.
Orthopaedic Nursing. Ophthalmic Nursing.
Nurse Anaesthetist Programme. Accident and Emergency Nursing.
Paediatric Nursing. Intensive Care Nursing.
Nose and Throat Nursing. Occupational Health Nursing.
Burns and Plastic Nursing. Cardio-thoracic Nursing.

University Generic BNSc Programmes

These students are supposed to be indexed for General Nursing at 200 level and for Midwifery at the end of their 5 year programme after passing the Professional Examination for General Nursing, because RN is a pre-requisite qualification for indexing as a Post basic Midwifery student.

The Division is also charged with the responsibility of:

  • Making sure that the number of students admitted into various Schools of Nursing, Midwifery and Post Basic studies per session/year does not exceed the (quota) approved number
  • Scrutinizing the online indexing applications to determine who is qualified for indexing into the programme based on the approved entry requirement. The current requirement for General Nursing is five (5) O’ level credits in Mathematic, English Language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology at not more than two (2) sittings from NECO/WAEC. NABTEB results are currently not accepted.
  • Issuing index numbers to qualified students using codes to differentiate each State of the Federation and serially allotted numbers for each school.
  • Keeping records of students indexed for the various Nursing programmes for each year.
  • Identifying student with indexing problems, disapproving and returning their application to their schools for correction and update.
  • Writing letters to schools on issues relating to indexing and also attending to correspondences relating to indexing matters.
  • Keeping school files for record purposes.

The Procedure

The unit issues unique number tagged the index number to individual student and this is the number used in applying for Council’s Final Qualifying Examination. In the past, index numbers were generated manually but from 2005 , numbers are generated electronically. This is an improvement on the previous practice and it enables easy and fast access to students’ data.

The process of indexing is uniform for all programmes and starts with accreditation of institution. All accredited Institutions have private accounts on the portal of Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and each is provided with unique password to access this web page. Institutions are expected to input all the students’ data on the council’s web page.

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