The board of Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria at its 42nd General meeting held in Abuja 30th October to 2nd November, 2017 observed that nurses and midwifery in Nigeria though have access on a daily basis to enormous health related data have not done enough in carrying out research studies and dessemination of research findings. The Board at the above meeting mandated that to improve research utilization in healthcare, research workshop should be organized for nurses and midwifery in Nigeria.

The theme of this workshop is ‘Scientific Research: A Tool for Developing Nurses in Nigeria’. The main aim of this workshop is to sharpen the knowledge and skills of nurses and to sensitize them on the value of engaging in research studies for the promotion of excellence in the profession and healthcare delivery.

The Research workshop has been rescheduled to hold as follows:

1. Abuja Centre
    Venue: Hotel De Bently, Plot 892, Ngozi okonjo Iweala, Utako district, Abuja
    Arrival Date: 8th October, 2018
    Workshop: 9th - 11th October, 2018
    Departure: 12th October, 2018

The registration fee for the above workshop is Thirty five thousand Naira (N35,000.00) only payable through Remita platform.



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